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Our website looks at events which take place in Peterborough and what the citizens of this fine town do in the area.

Town Collaboration

We have observed a great collaboration between the people of Peterborough, Arts Council of the area and the town’s City Council to discover original ways of turning this city into a finer place to inhabit. This website is a forum where people of the area of people intending to visit can air their views, opinions and thoughts on the scheme and get the very latest updates on engaging news and features.

Peterborough Curriculum is being designed by a combination of young people, local schools and organisations within the Peterborough area, which were inspired by Peterborough’s history, present and future. Its goal is to reflect the local matters of importance and values and to connect local people with education.

Peterborough community

Peterborough is interested in building the ability for people, both individually and as a group, to make a difference to their community. A vital part of this is ensuring that individuals have the ability and knowledge to take part in local projects and processes. But it’s normally the case that groups of people working as a team can create greater change than people working on their own.

This is a great town, set in the heart of beautiful Cambridgeshire. We believe the town is making great progress in making this town even better.

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