UKPAC News UKPAC says lets end the scrapping on the statutory register of lobbyists and start to work together to build trust in lobbying and politics 10.2 UKPAC calls on lobbyists to show how transparency and standards can be achieved through selfregulation and voluntary action 26.11 Minutes of UKPAC Meeting September 2013 UKPAC Urges Amendments to Lobbying Bill to Build on Transparency 2.9.13 Minutes of UKPAC Meeting June 2013 25.7c Minutes of UKPAC Meeting May 2013 25.7.13 More or Less Transparency in Lobbying UKPAC Statement on Board Changes 3.7 UKPAC Restates the Importance of a Universal Lobbying Register 5.6 UKPAC Response to Governmentaposs Proposals to Bring Forward a Statutory Register of Lobbyists Latest x93lobbying scandalx94 demonstrates need for a universal lobbying register 31.5 Minutes of UKPAC March 2013 Meeting 30.5 A lobbying definition for everyone to work with 30.4 Minutes of UKPAC January 2013 Meeting 18.3 Time to shed some light on lobbying transparency 11.3 How to Register with UKPAC 12.2 UKPAC response to call for action on lobbying by Graham Allen MP 7.1.13 UKPAC sees further increase in registrants during last quarter 18.12 Minutes of UKPAC November 2012 Meeting 12.12 UKPAC Publishes its Strategy for 2013 5.12 UKPAC Response to Proposed Lobbying Transparency Scotland Bill 7.11 Minutes of UKPAC September 2012 Meeting 19.10 A selfassessment exercise for all lobbyists should you be on the UKPAC Register 15.10 UKPAC Response to Register Query from Spinwatch Email response to Tamasin Cave of Spinwatch following query regarding client information on the UKPAC Register 12.10 UKPAC welcomes new registrants following quarterly update UKPAC is pleased to welcome its new registrants with the latest register update showing steady growth 21.9 Minutes of UKPAC July 2012 Meeting 3.8 A chance to demonstrate transparency for all who lobby 2.8 UKPAC welcomes PCRC call for Government to consider hybrid model 12.7 Minutes of UKPAC May 2012 Meeting Press Release Now Is The Time For All Good Lobbyists To SignUp To UKPAC 19.6 Minutes of UKPAC March 2012 Meeting 10 UKPAC Response to PRCA Adjudication and its Government Consultation Response UKPAC Response to Government Consultation on Introducing a Statutory Register of Lobbyists Minutes of UKPAC January 2012 Meeting UKPAC Written Evidence to Political and Constitutional Reform Committee Elizabeth France to appear before Select Committee The Way Forward for the Lobbying Industry UKPAC Event Agenda 23212 There are still spaces available for this event If you would like to reserve a place please email secretarypublicaffairscouncilorguk The Way Forward for the Lobbying Industry UKPAC Event 23212 UKPAC welcomes Government Consultation on Lobbying Minutes of UKPAC December 2011 Meeting Letter of support from CIPR to UKPAC 12112 Letter of support from APPC to UKPAC 10112 Letter from Elizabeth France Chairman of UKPAC to Francis Ingham PRCA Email received by Elizabeth France Chairman of UKPAC from Francis Ingham PRCA UKPAC Response to the Independentaposs Article on Lobbying