Joining the UKPAC Register

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(For non APPC or CIPR members)

The UKPAC Register is the only one of its kind: online and fully searchable by organisation, individual or client,  updated on a quarterly basis with those registered being able to update and access their details at any time, and it is supported by two of the main membership bodies in public affairs – APPC and CIPR.

As part of the registration process you will be required to confirm that you will adhere to the UKPAC Guiding Principles of Conduct.

What do we charge?

As a not-for-profit we seek simply to recover our costs and ensure no subsidising of the wider membership by the APPC or CIPR.  The annual registration charges (excluding VAT) are detailed below:

Organisation                      £450

Not-for-profit                       £250

Individual                              £50

For further information or to request a registration form please contact Ann Austin at