Register with UKPAC

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If you are an organisation or individual that wishes to register with UKPAC but you are not a member of APPC or CIPR please click here to find out about more about how to register.

CIPR Members

If you are a CIPR member then please use the form below to register with UKPAC. Once you have submitted your details an email will be sent to the email address you have provided. You will then need to activate your account and this will allow you to add your entry to the register.

Individual registration

  1.   If you hold a permanent  position within an organisation you should enter the organisation’s name here. If you work on a freelance basis you should insert freelance in this box.
  2.   CIPR members must provide their membership number to verify their membership and adherence to the CIPR code of conduct.
  3.   This is your primary email address which is published as part of your register entry and will be used in all contact that UKPAC makes with you.
  4.   This email address will only be used by UKPAC to contact you if your primary email address is no longer valid.